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Drink with Chloe


Covent Garden, London

Stylish, attractive and VEGAN! What's not to love.

I had the privilege to eat by Chloe in one of their restaurants located in Covent Garden which is known to be 100% vegan all around. The great thing about this place is how it is open till late! You can enjoy your vegan burger and coffee all night long. Sounds like a win to me.


I will tell you this now and how spacious and free you can be in this place. No touching elbows with the next person, no sitting awkwardly and sharing tables with strangers and you can take your time ordering and not have to wait for someone to come serve you because you order from the counter.

The first thing that caught my eye when I walked in was the swinging chairs. Of course, I had to sit on them because they are so cool!

Also, I loved the colour theme going on which really made the place stand out. As I did go at 7pm in the evening, the atmosphere was quiet and less busy but I was not complaining. So, I would recommend going at this time to avoid lunch time rush!


I think one thing which was different about any other cafe I have been too is how you get a buzzer to wait for your order. I really like this idea because you won't be forgotten by the staff, you know your food/drink is ready with a loud buzz and its basically less work for the employees. How? Because you are the one who is getting the food from the counter, exchanging the buzzer for your food and carrying your food back to your table. Kinda like self service I guess? No biggie though, the service you receive is excellent and everyone is so friendly and helpful!


Matcha Latte (£2.90 - £3.20)

Cappuccino (£2.80 - £3.00)

As this is a vegan restaurant, you have the option of having organic milk from the options oat, almond and soya. I chose oat for my matcha and Niha (my sister) chose almond for her cappuccino. I'll be honest with you, I was scared at first having oat milk in my matcha because I have never had it before but it was actually nice. It was less fatty, more creamy and overall healthy.

If you are ever ordering coffee from a cafe, ask for their alternatives for milk and try it out! Its overall good for you and makes a difference in your drink.

What I would have preferred is drinking my latte from a saucer rather than a holder cup. That is the only downfall for this place. Also, it would make the place more environmental friendly if they did less of holder cups.

One less problem for the planet!


My overall opinion of this restaurant is satisfactory. There is so much room to actually enjoy yourself and your surroundings. I had a lovely time with Niha and I love going on these cafe adventures with her.

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