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Lets get a Coffee & Co


Richmond, London

First of all, my sister is so lucky to have many great cafes just one bus stop away and lucky to have me because she would have not found Coffee&Co without me!

But how did I discover this café you may ask?

Me and my sister was heading back to our home town when I saw this interesting looking coffee shop on the way and of course, I had to go inside. I was amazed by the interior because it is so different than what I have seen from other cafes and the moment you walk in you are greeted with fresh pastries and cakes! How is that not tempting? As we were in a rush I ordered a matcha latte to go (the cheapest I have found) at the price of £2.90 and walked away with green lips but had a smile on my face. Afterwards I made a promise to myself that I will return back! 

And I kept that promise within that same month. 

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 Fresh and the Best

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I mean, look how great these look? There was many edibles to choose from and unfortunately I did not get to have any because I was full from the main course but next time I will definitely order! 

All Greens

Our order: 

Matcha latte: £3.10

Tropical drink: £3 - 4

Pesto Pasta: £8.95

Considering our order was under £18 this was a win! Reasonable prices and generous portion enough for both of us to share. Also, the presentation of the pasta was so yummy! The edible floral decorations (real flowers) and blue plate made it so ascetically pleasing. Of course, you know me and my Matcha I will always order it no matter where I go.

But, lets not forget about the exceptional service we got! They was all so kind and helpful and smiley and made sure each customer was catered for. The thing that I have noticed in independent cafes is they pay more attention to you than brands with franchises and they actually listen to you. That's right, we notice this all!  

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- Great and fast service

- No waiting line 

- Enough room to move around and sit

- Great prices

- Instagram worthy pictures 


- Only that it closes at 6pm! 


I love the fact that London has so many cafes to go to that we have never seen before and each one is different and unique. I also love how I have seen different parts of London that I have never seen all these years. 

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