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First day of Snow at Chief Coffee


Chiswick, London

Good vibes only. This is one of the many vibes I got from this cute cafe in Chiswick. Hard to find if you do not use google maps correctly but you will know you have arrived at the right place with this bright white wall staring right at you and inviting you in. This is Chief Coffee. As I am currently doing a internship based in Chiswick I thought why not also find good cafes near it? As I did not start till later that day why not treat myself.

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Quiet, warm and peaceful for a Tuesday afternoon. These were the first three words that popped into my mind when entering the cafe. There are wall paintings displayed all over the walls along with magazines and books for customers to read with their coffees because its great to lay your eyes off the screen for a while. Lets not forget about what caught my attention first! The pastries! Fresh croissants, cakes and shortbreads ready to be eaten. Oh and do you see that empty container on the third picture? Guess what was in there. RAINBOW CHOCOLATE CAKE! I was so excited when I saw it first on Instagram that I had to get a slice for myself and there was only one slice left so lucky me.


My order:

Matcha latte: £3.20

Rainbow chocolate cake: £3.50

Made with love thats all I can say. The chocolate cake was divine, the matcha was just right and I was having one of the best afternoons so far.

Plus, matcha + chocolate = win! I probably talk way too much about this.

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and last but not least

This cafe had pinball machines! So many of them of different films and it takes you back to the days of playing the pinball machine on the computer when the internet died! Memories like these last forever. If you are looking for the perfect place to drink, eat and also relax this is an ideal place for you to rewind from your day and enjoy your childhood memories again.

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Before, I use to be scared to travel all the way to London on my own because it is a big city and you can always easily get lost. However, I am slowly coming out of my comfort zone and exploring not only the well known places of London but places I have never been too and thats how you learn about yourself more and how you plan each journey.


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