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No Place I'd Rather Be

Brown & Rosie

Exhibition Road, London

There is nothing more I would want to do than spend my Sunday afternoon in a cute cafe with good company. I had no idea such a cafe existed until I found out about it on my Instagram and ever since then I have wanted to check this off my list. More so, location wise is brilliant surrounded by museums such as V&A museum, British museum and 5 minute walk from the nearest station. Plus, it was easy to find which is a bonus!

Inside The Cafe

From the pictures online the cafe looked bigger however, it is quite small in terms of size. But do not get me wrong it is still picturesque. Before getting a seating I had to wait 5 - 10 minutes as I did happen to go during peak times which is between 11am - 12pm. But I did not complain because I got to look around at the fresh pastries and was also waiting for my sister to arrive!

All Cosy

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There was so many options to choose from the menu it took me and my sister forever to pick what we would like drink and eat! In the end, I went with the usual matcha latte and my sister got a chai latte. One thing I can say is the prices are moderate and totally worth it. The matcha was made to perfection, the carrot cake was moist, soft and sweet and the chai was one of the and I quote "best chai latte' she has ever had. I could not agree more.

Sunday Loving

Green tea lattes, long conversations and sunny days? This is what cafes are made for.

Our order:

Matcha latte - £3.70

Chai latte - £3.70

Carrot cake - £4 - £5

I believe the price is totally worth it for our portion size. We had enough coffee to fuel us up for the rest of day in London.

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- Great service

- Good prices for portion

- Surrounded by many museums and sight seeing places


- Tight seating

Sunday is Rest Day

Spend your Sunday wisely. It is your time to relax, put your feet up and enjoy the little things in life. Take a break from university work load or studying as it is important to not only take care of our health but also our mind as our brain needs a break sometimes. So grab a cuppa, sit back with a muffin and enjoy yourself.

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