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Brompton road, London

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Stylish, friendly and pretty. At Elan cafe, you will not be disappointed. Their vision from interior to exterior is outstanding. It is not hard to miss as the cafe is known for its pink and blossom trees and you can see into the petite cafe from the windows. Of course, the first view you get is the delicious fresh pastries just beside the window followed by the big pink blossom tree surrounded by a big table with customers enjoying maybe a Jade latte or the famous 'Ruby' and I could not resist any further. The most famous 'instagrammable' cafe that opened only last year has to be worth the time and money.

My plan was to take my friend from Indonesia to a pretty cafe in London as she was visiting the UK for 2 weeks before going back to start University. I had a list of coffee shops to go to but I knew she would adore this cafe and I was not wrong.

Girls, it is totally worth it.

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Motivational coffee cups? Fresh cream cakes, cupcakes, cookies, food and coffee? You have lured me in already.

Our order was:


The Jade (matcha green tea) - £6

Milk hot chocolate - £6.50

Macchiato - £3.50


Red velvet cheesecake x 2 - £4.50

Pistachio and rose cake - £4.50

I know, it is pricy but it was in knightsbridge and it is a independent cafe and usually they are known to be pricy. Of course, I did not enjoy spending £6 (crying face) on a cup of matcha but as it is a one time experience and a day out for my friend, I thought why not. Also, for those who know me you know how much I love matcha! I could not resist. I ordered the red velvet cheesecake because I am always getting chocolate or vanilla all the time and I thought I would go for something new. At first, I was scared if I was going to like the taste, texture or the look of it but I was not disappointed. Soft, creamy and sweet describes the cake perfectly and all the flavours were present and this goes for all of our cakes. Not to mention, the service was exceptional. They was helpful, friendly and kind and make sure each customer is catered for.


The one and only rose wall. Little did we know there was another room where you can sit with this famous wall. How did we come across it? If it wasn't for the need to go toilet this discovery would have not been made. As all girls do, we took a small (20 minutes literally) photoshoot as it was quiet around and thought why not. We looked cute, our outfits looked cute and we could not let that go to waste.

We typically spent around 1 - 2 hours here as the company is good, the music is calm and relaxing and the vibe you get gives you good feels. It is hard not wanting to stay there longer. We are all about that life.


- Great and fast service

- Instagram worthy photographs to be taken

- Those who appreciate good coffee and vibes


- Pricy for a cup of coffee (if you wanna splash some cash)

- Tight seatings


- Trying out the coffee options

- The rainbow / coloured croissants!

Enjoy The Little Things in Life

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It is your time to indulge in coffee, enjoy your company whether it be with your friends or family and appreciate life as it is. Take time eating that chocolate cake, swap that semi skinned latte with a full milk latte and instead of watching the laptop, messaging on your phone or reading a magazine just watch the company around you and enjoy the moments you all spend together.

Do you wear pink on Wednesdays?

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