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Peggy. Cute little cafe on the edge Ebury Street. Peggy Porschen is a independent business whom is famously known for their intrigue designed cupcakes, cakes and other sweet pastries.

My first impression was wow. The interior is amazing, the lights, the decorations and how the cafe stands out from a mile away. It is hard to miss. From the outside, it looks so magical you will be amazed. However, you must visit the cafe at the right time and I will tell you why. When we first visited this cafe, it was hard at first getting there. The nearest station we went to was Victoria station and from there it is a 10 minute walk. Once we got to the cafe it was so busy there was a line outside that we did a U turn and went back. Like I said before you must know when the right time is. The second time we visited the cafe was so much more easier. We took a bus from Bond street which directly stopped outside the cafe and luckily for us because it was so cold that day! But of course, we had to wait 5-10 minutes to get a seat which was no problem as we had menus to look at and got a seat inside.


We went in early November so the christmas decorations was already up and they did not disappoint us! There was cute real gingerbread houses and cookies all over the trees and windows it was so hard not to eat them! One thing about their interior is they love to match their decorations with the design of the store. However, the only problem with the cafe is the seatings because of how small the cafe is there is not much room to move around.


As we went during peak time which was around 5-6pm; I was surprised by the service. We had good service, the employees are nice and helpful. Our order did not take long either even though it was quite busy. Me and my sister both ordered lattes and a cake for our own. My original plan was to drink the famous hot chocolate as they decor is pleasing to the eye however, it was over £4??? I mean I am sorry but I am not spending that much money on a cup of hot chocolate. You can say now the price was pricy considering even the normal latte was around £3 and our slice of cake was around £6. But of course, I wanted to try out everything so I ordered a slice of dark chocolate truffle and my sister ordered glorious victoria and of course they were lush but not worth the price. However, as this is a one time experience, I will let it slide even though I would prefer something cheaper. But it was a nice afternoon with the sister.

Overall view of this cafe, it was a great opportunity to have finally have visited enjoy the time spent there.


- Fast and great service

- The decorations and interior are amazing

- The cake was delicious


- There is limited seatings and not enough room to move around

- Pricy - spending at least £3-£4 on coffee and hot chocolate

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