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Blue latte to go please!


Today consist of fashion, travelling distances to have a taste of natural flavoured blue (yes blue) latte and London! To start my day off, I first travelled to the Pure London exhibition! This is actually my second time visiting the exhibition which features over 800 different fashion brands with over 7,000 people attending and exploring what Pure London has to offer. The main three sectors include womenswear, spirit and 'athleisure' and pure man. Each sectors has their own sectors including the latest trends covering from head to toe and also focusing on different areas of the fashion industry. Moreover, there are always fashion shows for all to see and catch up with the trends. Not to mention, the best part about this exhibition is that it is FREE!


What I like about this exhibition is how we as fashion students or fashion designers can take inspiration from the many outgoing brands and have a view of what is to become the 'trend' and hopefully make something out of it. Also, it is a great way to make some network in these events which can help you in your university course or even in the future for job preference. In this event, there was many brands willing to get in touch a chance to get to know more about the brand and the industry. This is a great opportunity to get socialising and getting out there in the fashion industry and for those who like to see what it is like to be in the fashion industry again, this is a great way to see first hand what it is like to have your own brand.

Here are some photographs to show you how my day went today at the exhibition. Enjoy!

I had also taken some photographs from the fashion show which shows different brands style and trends for the season of 2018.


Blue? What on earth is happening here? Since when can you have a blue latte?

Now you can girls!

This little cute cafe down in Notting Hill is called 'farm girls'. I first discovered this cafe whilst scrolling through Instagram and came across a picture of a blue latte. I was intrigued by this coffee and did a bit of research into finding out this cafe is based in London! Of course, being a coffee lover I had to visit this cafe and order the latte of colours. Is it not every coffee lovers dream to drink coloured lattes and take cute Instagram photos? Make sure to visit this cafe as you will not regret it!

For more information about the cafe you can find out all about it on: http://www.thefarmgirl.co.uk/

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