Java Whiskers. 

Un-pawse your plans. 

You know how sometimes you just want to be alone in a café with your oat milk coffee but just want a bit of company? Well, now you can enjoy that purrfect company with furry friends.

About The Café


The café first opens their doors back in April 2020 however due to the initial first lockdown, the café had to push forward their grand opening (including myself cancelling the booking). Although, six months later Java Whiskers was finally open to the public for us to enjoy!


The journey on the way there is pretty easy. It is 5-8 minutes away from Oxford Circus on Great Portland street. You are welcomed by a cup with whiskers on it (I love it) and the brand logo on the glass windows inviting you inside. But of course, you do not walk straight into the café imagine the disaster! You are first welcomed into the café area where you can order what you would like to eat, and drink followed by the 5 golden rules before entering the cat garden (as I will like to call it). 


Remember to wear your socks, tights or anything that looks like socks on the day because you will have to take off your shoes! This is for hygiene reasons and there is also a little corner to wash and sanitise your hands. You can also hang your coat, bags and other things you do not want to take into the area. Also, those who wear black on the day do not worry because there are lint rollers available.

Cat-puccino £3.25

croissant £4.50




Meet Dotty

The atmosphere is calming and soothing I would say. When I first walked into the area it was quite inviting. As soon as I sat down on my seat, I quickly made a new friend named Dotty. Throughout the whole afternoon Dotty just chilled with me, slept and even had a wonder around the table when the food came over. Dotty was my little date and I could have not asked for a better date. 

Okay, as much as I loved the café I have to say the prices is jusy a bit overpriced. However, considering it was my first time visiting and I was a bit hungry I did order a croissant which did fill me up a bit. However, paying a total of £7.75 for just a little bit of everything is not exactly great. Although, I will say the cappuccino was really good. Not to mention, they have alternative milk available so there is something for everyone.  

Dotty being Dotty.


As I only had an hour slot, I really wanted to explore the café and see what they have in store. The rules of moving around are you have to wear your masks and stay 2 feet away from others whilst moving around because of safety reasons of course. One of the reasons why I wanted to visit Java Whiskers is because of how they designed the place. It was really inviting and different from what I have seen before. They have a cute fireplace where the cats can run on top, a little play area on the walls and plenty of food and water for the day. If this is not the best job to have I don’t know what is.

Take me home. 


This café caters for homeless cats and you can adopt them! The café works with well-known London rescue The Scratching Post meaning the cats are all well looked after. Amazing? I know. How lovely is it to spend time with the cats and take one home because you loved them a little too much not to take them home? What I like about this scheme is how you can allow yourself to bond with each cat and get to know them while they get to know you and both parties get to be comfortable with each other. It is so important for cats to know their owners before they are taken anywhere and this way, you can slowly earn their trust. 

Until next time...

I would for sure visit the café again when I am in London. I love cats and coffee and the two together just goes so purrfectly. 

©2017 by NishratI.