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I know many have been wondering why myself and my community have decided to organise a black lives matter protest. Well, I am a Bangladeshi Muslim woman. I belong to minority communities. I know discrimination, racial, ethnic, religious and gender prejudice as I have lived it. Therefore, I don’t simply sympathise with the BLM movement, I want to support it and be at the forefront of the battle and not just post about it on social media. Everyone, regardless of background, must support the cause if we want to see true results. If minorities don’t come out to support each other, how is everybody else supposed to? So, let me make this clear. The reason me, my community and non-blacks are here today is absolutely not about ourselves.

We are here to support black lives, to show our love and compassion; as well as our frustration and anger towards a biased, discriminatory system full of prejudice.

We have all seen many events similar to George Floyds’ death that follow the same disgusting pattern that we MUST break. And we have also seen many other types of discrimination against black people. Some of which right in front of our eyes. And that is why we are screaming BLACK LIVES MATTER off the top of our lungs. It feels there has always been and will continue to be a time for various different issues. BUT there hasn’t been a recent time when it was about black lives, about people of all backgrounds coming together to support such a massive yet overlooked cause. I also understand that some people watching the recent marches and protests, it feels like their issues don’t matter or are not relevant. They are. But now, it isn’t the time. Right now, we have had more than enough reasons to solely focus on what is arguably the biggest social issue in the world right now. RACISM. BLACK LIVES MATTER. We are not going to forgive and forget; we are going to make our voices heard until we see the change we want and desperately need. Like I have mentioned, I am A Muslim woman who believes in equality, in supporting those in need, those suffering and in pain.

I strongly believe in the teaching that says: God has created all of us out of a male and a female, and has made us into nations and tribes, so that we might come to know one another.

The same doctrine that says we are all children of Adam and, of more relevance at the moment, we are all EQUAL. Even if you don’t believe in a religion, I am sure we all agree with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he said “A white has no superiority over black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action”.

Therefore, it is time for everybody to support black lives.

We must stand by.

We must listen.

We must educate ourselves.

Spread the word through all sorts of media and platforms. Support your local black brands and shops. Sign those petitions because they do make a difference. Write to your local council people, local MPs and everyone who represents you in Parliament. Write to the police. Let’s make sure police training changes, new anti-discriminatory laws are enforced, and societies change with the help of psychologists and sociologists who understand where the roots of these behaviours are hidden.

Together, let’s change the world. But we have to stay together for it to happen.


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