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Love a good cup of Koffee

August 31, 2018








(St, Albans)




How did I discover Love Koffee? Just walking around in St Albans and exploring the streets with my sister when we stumbled across this big and bold cafe! Of course, I had to go in and see what this cafe has to offer. 


I mean, just one look and I was mesmerised (literally). This cafe caught my attention from afar and I just had to go in and explore. The place is so different in terms of interior designs of the cafe which explores exquisite patterns and details which brings the place together. 








 (Click on photograph for full view)


 Such intrigue designs displayed all around on the walls, chairs and the colour scheme goes so well together. The peacock designs on the walls along with the wooden effect skyline and marble display is something I could not keep my eyes off.  Also, the big comfy chairs! My ultimate favourite because they were so comfortable and pretty.  Forgot to mention, the cafe is baby friendly! There is enough room for prams to go through and toddlers to have a waddle around. Also, for us university students there is free wifi for our devices and lots of coffee! 


Cafes are great hangout spots for socialising, studying and taking your mind off things. 


(Click on photograph for full view)








1 x Cappuccino 




1 x Chocolate muffin 


(£2.30 - 90) 




You can get any size coffee from small to large and there are a wide variety of food, savouries and treats to choose from along with a wide range of drinks. The chocolate muffin was lush! Fresh, soft and a good portion for the price. 









(Click on photograph for full view) 





- Variety of food and coffee 

- Big cafe with lots of room space 

- Good prices




- Far away from me! 








Keep track on your mind, wellbeing and your surroundings. Stop and look around you for what is in front of you. Don't rush your day and take your time in everything you do. 


That is when you realise there is much to be grateful for. 

Love your koffee. 



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