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Two simple steps of overcoming ear popping.

Does your ears POP like mine?

Plane journeys can be wonderful of course, if your ears did not pop every second! I am one of the many who suffer from ear aches and non stop pops whilst on the plane. The pain and pops is caused by the air pressure while the plane takes off and when the plane is about to land and because of this your ears tend to get into the mix of it. I have tried many methods such as blocking my ear with ear muffs, putting drops in my ear, the fake yawning and chewing food or gum and and of course non of these methods really worked.

However, last summer I had discovered a method which actually works and reduces the pain and pops! As I was getting on board for my flight to Rome, I wanted to share my way of dealing with this problem and the routine I do every time when boarding a plane.


In my bag I always carry a packet of chewing gum and a nasal spray. I usually carry the airwaves chewing gum and Sinex nasal spray however, you can get any nasal spray to use. Now, the first thing I use is the nasal spray which help clears your airways and this is important. I then take 1-2 chewing gum and chew them just before the plane takes off and when the plane is about to land as this helps clear the airways and will relive the pop and pains. Trust me this works wonders. Also, the chewing will help you from getting blocked ears which is the worst!

This is my simple steps of overcoming the pain and helping you enjoy your plane journey.

I hope this helps!

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