Vegan and HALAL?

August 24, 2017



Lipstick made 100% Halal 


Vegan and HALAL? The Lip Lab are the first UK manufacturing brand to create custom made lipstick using only natural resources for their ingredients making them vegan and totally 100% halal. This means there is nothing in the product that could cause harm and they do not test on animals! Lip lab all the way. They have many lipstick shades already created for you to choose from and are at reasonable prices. 


I have first discovered this beauty brand upon one of Dina Torkia youtube video where she went to a event and created her own lipstick shade. The lipstick shade I is called 'Pink Praline'. 


 LIPSTICK SHADE: Pink Praline 


The texture of the lipstick is smooth and applies very well onto the skin. Not to mention it smells like roses! Bonus. Also, the colour is subtle and suitable to wear for any occasion. 



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