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August 18, 2017


Banana Tree, Milton Keynes 



Banana Tree! It was my sisters sweet 18 birthday and she has always wanted to go Banana tree because of how much I love it! Of course, she loved it too! Before she stepped into the restaurant, we decorated the table with banners, confetti and balloons to surprise her and she loved the surprise but I did not photograph her reaction! Banana tree is the perfect place to celebrate any occasions and the staff are always helpful. Lets not forget about the yummy food that is provided. The food at Banana tree is light, reasonable prices and the food always come fast. The portion size is enough to leave you satisfied and you will not feel as bloated and that is a guarantee because majority of the food is grilled or stir fried. Also, the amount of flavours in one portion is enough to satisfy your tastebuds. Try it out if you have never been, you will not regret it!










What I ordered:

Chilli, Ginger and Basil beef stir fry with banana house combo 



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