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Lets go to the BEACH!

August 16, 2017




Today consist of lots of ice-cream, cheap and cheerful fish and chips and the beach! 

Skegness beach is a sandy beach located near Skegness and is a wonderful beach to spend time with your family as there is many funfair attractions and cheerful food  around the beach. Not to mention, the many selection of ice creams to choose from  which got us all excited ( I had to have two  ice creams in two hours). The weather kept changing its mood but it was warm throughout the whole day which made the beach enjoyable. What I really liked about the beach is how  the waves can calm your mind and you forget about all your worries and stress for the day and actually get to enjoy yourself rather  than worry yourself. The beach is a great place to relax with your family and  friends and enjoy each others company as well as enjoying what life brings. 


Summer 2017 has been great so far. 


 There was so many flavours to choose from it left me baffled. I decided to go with the classic whippy ice cream cone and it tasted even better at the beach. 

 And then I found another ice cream shop which can combine 4 flavours at once! I was so happy I had to get one and it was only £2! Amazing deal. This combination is cappuccino and chocolate my two favourite flavours. 



There was so many sweet shops my mind was going crazy! I wanted everything. By far, this was the cutest and best treat shop in Skegness beach. 






This ride! I had no idea what got into my head when I decided to ride this spinning and body throwing rollercoaster. It was great fun don't get me wrong but you feel like you are going to fall out because the ride would randomly would go fast then slow so you had no choice but to look like a jellyfish on the ride. I would still go on it again (for the banter). 




Classic fish and chips. Whenever you go on the beach you must always get fish and chips  because this is what completes your day at the

beach. The portion size is generous and not to mention the food was so good! 





I was amused how people were brave enough to defeat their fear and hop onto this ride. It was also scary how how high and close they were to the sky and ground. 











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