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July 18, 2017




Happy Birthday to me! 


It still has not gotten into my head that I am gradually growing older by the year and birthdays are not really a big issue for me however, I do not mind getting all these goodies that a birthday brings. You never really notice your birthday as much as each year goes by and sometimes you end up forgetting it is your birthday because of well priorities! But never forget birthdays are a great excuse of getting free presents of things that you need or want in your life so make the most of it. Most girls might ask for brand new set of make up or brushes or even clothes however, my favourite gift of all was receiving a limited edition slim silver PS4! I was so surprised and full of emotions! What did I say? Make the most of your wishes! That is what birthdays are for after all. I just love spending my time playing video games all day everyday and I have not been able to do this for a while because of university and had no time to sit and play some games. Although, now that it is summer holidays I can spend some of my time enjoying what I do best: playing till my eyes are sore. Best birthday present ever. 



ROSES for me? 


I forgot to mention, ROSES! After a frightful bang on the door from the delivery man (thanks for telling us you are here) I received a huge Appleyard London box on my doorstep from my best friend in the morning. I was in love. There was 50 bright, vibrant and exquisite roses tied beautifully together just for me! What is there not to get excited about because after all, roses are a girls best friend. 






I did not mind just sitting at home for my birthday I decided last minute to go London for the day. It was a wonderful day enjoying spending time with my family and exploring parts of London we have not been before. 


Here is a few photographs from the day out: 
















This amazing bubble waffle wrap is crafted from a bakery shop located in Chinatown called 'Bake!'. This store does not get much appreciation and their bubble waffle is just as good as any other. There is another bubble waffle wrap store in Chinatown however, the queue to get into the shop is always too long and little did anyone know there was another shop which sells the same bubble waffle wrap for cheaper! And the best part is there was no long wait as I was in and out of the store within five minutes. 






TOP | Forever21 

SKIRT | From Birmingham 

WAIST COAT | From Bury Park 

SHOES | River Island

BAG | Stella McCartney

RING | Depop  



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