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June 27, 2017





The name is Nishrat Islam and welcome to my new blog! I am a simple girl who loves her coffee, taking photographs of anything I find picture worthy and of course fashion. This blog will feature exciting posts ranging from food too fashion and beauty which are three things close to any girls heart and not to mention video game reviews for all the gamer girls out there. I will be uploading every so often about new and exciting topics that it will be hard to resist! Before any of that can happen let me introduce myself to you. 


NAME | Nishrat Islam


AGE | 19 years young


BIRTHDAY | 13th July 


STUDY | Fashion and Fashion Business (BA HONS) 


There is more information on my 'about me' page so feel free to scroll around!


I hope you guys will enjoy what I have in store. Make sure to subscribe with your email to get updates on new posts and check out my personal Instagram page which is linked to this blog and follow if you want of course.











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