In order to achieve our goals, we must raise our voices and make ourselves heard. News features and press releases are a great way to make this happen but that's just one part on how you can make a difference. I have always believed social media is not enough because a little repost or share just goes around in a circle. Break out of that circle. Go to the local newspaper, write a letter to your local council and make the difference with your voice and not behind a screen. I understand in the time of a pandemic the world has gone spiral and everything is confusing but you know what is right and the right thing to do. So go on, make your voice heard.


The issues here presented are real life issues that are going on around us. 


I think the reason why I organised a BLM protest is because I wanted to reach out to the community in hope that they will listen. A protest seemed like the ideal way to grab people's attention in a calm and peaceful manner. Now, I will be honest. There were a lot of people who doubted me and wanted me to stop the protest from happening because they felt it was not needed and would cause chaos because of how serious the matter was. But does that not mean we should be voicing ourselves more? Also, is it not wrong to think this could not be a peaceful protest because they do exist and it is nothing like everything you see on the news. I believe, and always will believe you cannot get your message through with violence but, with peace. Just speak to one another and discuss things through with an open-mind and respectfully

Taken by Davenant.



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